The terms below come to clarify the relationship between this Web site operator, hair ishrheir (hereinafter "site") and any person or entity accessing this website and/orusing the website (hereinafter the "userו"האתר" respectively).
1. the user declares that actually entering and using the site and services, agree to accept the terms listed below.
2. the terms of use below and in all texts, one site is also plural and vice versa, and afeminine male and vice versa, as the context.
3. the headings of sections of these bylaws are meant for convenience only and should not be treated any interpretive value.
4. intellectual property and use of the site
All intellectual property rights, including moral rights, in relation to the site, its content, design, editing and commercial signs and directions for displaying and editing of information on the site, are reserved exclusively for the site.
5. site content ads, online pages contained therein, the classification, arrangement and presentation of the information and any other form of presentation contained therein (hereinafter "the content") are the sole property of ishrheir hair extensions andyou may not copy, reproduce and/or print the content, in full or in part, for distribution or publication in any way Without explicit permission for this in advance and in writing, and may not use content but to private and personal needs of the user, as opposed to commercial needs.
Any copying, distribution, sending, transmitting, or publication of information stored on the site not specifically permitted  forbidden and is a violation of the law.
The site will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage and/or of any kind incurred as a result of user's use or reliance upon the content and services offered on the website and/or when access is possible via the website and/or resulting from termination of service.
The user will not have any claim for reliance on the information posted on the site. The site will not be liable towards the user regarding information posted on the site and/or third came through the site, and/or any information sent to him by e-mail.
7. the website does all it can to provide professional, reliable and accurate, but is not responsible for the quality or the information presented on the site (including, with respect to the content of ads) and/or willingness and/or and/or entire validity and/or accuracy and/or suitability for any purpose. Posting ads and planned and/or information does not constitute a recommendation or position of the site regarding the correctness and/or failure to correct value. Each action performed by the user is on discretion and responsibility, and the site is not responsible for any consequence caused due to the use and/or reliance on the information contained therein.
Any information contrary to the accepted rules of use on the Internet or may cause damage or hurt web users, site users if malicious uses and/or negligent and/or any other user infringes and/or anyone acting on its behalf for the given site, and/or due to violation of these terms of use , The user must indemnify this site for any damage, lossloss of profits, payment or expense incurred  including fees and court costs.
8. the website reserves the right to make any changes to the content, information and services published on the site, discretion and without giving prior notice.
9. the website reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time. Using the services at any time, you agree to the terms of the revised and updated as will.
10. the website reserves the right to modify or discontinue the site, or any part of them, with or without notice to user. If the service is stopped, the site will not be responsible to the user or to any third party for any damage and/or loss.
Without limiting the terms of use above and below each user who registers for the service provided on the website that offers the site States that he is interested and agree that the site and/or any other company put a picture by announcement for third parties is that the website and/or on its behalf to spread the ad. Between paymentor without payment.
Use of private information
11. the site undertakes not to make any use of the personal information of users forthis site only.
However, the site reserves the right to gather information relating to site usage patterns and to use this information to improve the services on the site, it and its contents.
12. the website reserves the right to store information and details about any databases.
Accordingly, the site may periodically send user information and/or publications about marketing activities. The user acknowledges the site to send advertising mail viaemail and/or fax and/or SMS and/or email Israel. This consent is explicit consent and is not limited in time.
The user agrees that personal details will be saved in the database and website.
14. without derogating from the above, and despite the provisions of sections 11 and 12 above, it sees itself empowered to transmit the user's personal information and information about his usage patterns on the site and in the following cases:
In case user violate these terms of use, or any of the services offered, or if you makethrough the website and/or through the opposing actions or attempt to perform such actions;
In the case be any dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings, between the user and the website;
Communicating with third parties
15. jurisdiction and law
This agreement shall apply exclusively the laws of the State of Israel. The sole place of jurisdiction for all concerning this agreement and use of this website is the competent court.