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Using the site:
Sales site ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. at www.israhair.com or at the address www.israhair.co.il is copyright protected. Ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. allows you to use the site subject to the terms of use as they appear below.
Please read these terms of use carefully, because any use of the site beyond the reading of this document requires that you agree to the terms of use, if you do not agree to the website terms of use, do not use the site or register to it.
Browse the site and use of the website, and/or purchase products and/or services within the site, including reading any material published therein, will be considered forfull consensus and distanced from you that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of use. Therefore you are requested to read carefully the terms of use before performing any operation on the site, and to abide by the them. The company reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use, at its sole discretion and your continued use of the site, and/or purchase products and/or services through the site constitutes your agreement to all such changes.
The provisions of these terms of use apply to any use and/or purchase through this site and will be in addition to any other document that came with your permission and consent to the terms.

The store is an online store for purchasing products and services for public using Internet surfers participating in sales.
B. may make a purchase on the site must be 18 years or older, with a cell Internet e-mail and an address in Israel that they possess a valid credit card.
C. a prerequisite for valid purchase site is confirmation of your credit card companyto deal with all details.
4. the provisions of these terms and conditions apply to all use by you and to do this, store the connection contract is between you and ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. for all intents and purposes.
5. you are requested to read these terms fully and carefully as a prerequisite to the communication between the parties.
And, browsing the store and/or purchase the product and/or service offered for saletherein constitutes your agreement to accept and abide by the provisions of the by-laws accordingly if you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use or store on the site.

1 license
Subject to the terms of ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. gives you the permission to view the content appearing on the site but does not allow the copying of content, images, trademarks, links or any information that appears on the site. For the avoidance ofdoubt, any information which appears on the site is the sole property of ishrheir hair extensions.
2. making changes
Ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the site periodically and say: to remove or add content temporarily or permanently without giving prior notice to surfers or purchase on site. Enter a site or store on the site, you agree that ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. is not responsible to you or to any third party regarding changes, freezing or downloading from the Web site.
When rishothm, during booking and if you want free registration, you agree that ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. notify you by email about special offers and new items added to the store and everything subject to regulations protecting the privacy of ishrheir hair extensions.
3. basic rules for use and limitation of liability
Personal information will not be false registration or incomplete personal information or non personal information filled. Unable to add literal content site or any other content which may offend or insult someone for any reason, it is hereby clarified thatthe site operators cannot monitor all content and information that is uploaded to the site by other users, therefore, the responsibility for these contents lies exclusively on the users themselves and him. TAM will make your hair ishrheir Ltd. for any damage that may be caused as a result of these contents.
Ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. reserves the right to edit, modify or remove from the site any content which contravene the terms of use in its sole discretion, removing users from the site without warn users in advance.
Site users may not modify or delete any information or content of other users, or information or content of ishrheir hair extensions.
Users of the site, know that it is not possible to add false information or false information to any site that is.
You cannot copy content, photos or any other information which appears on this site.
Unable to add advertisements to this site.
Unable to add to this Web site any content which violate copyright.
Ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. reserves the right to use the content uploaded by users, including publication and distribution, without compromising the privacy of users.
4 sales
A. ishrheir hair extensions Ltd. will enable the purchase of products and/or services through an on-site store in a convenient way, quick and easy, at attractive prices.
B. sales method in the method used:
Products on sale in limited quantities and at a fixed price.
The sale will take place in conditions as follows:
The store displays a list of products including details about the product or service offered for sale and the price as determined in advance, the sale is while stocks last.
In a regular sale is allowed each participant to select and submit your credit card information in the store itself or by leaving the details on the email and website belong to ishrheir hair extensions.
3. completion of the sale is subject to approval and verification of the transaction by phone and/or via email of the participant within 48 hours from the time of bookingand that the requested product exists in the store inventory when you complete theprocedure.
5. how to participate in sales
On attending the sale type basic information as appear on registration: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number etc.
B. pressing all information is a prerequisite for making the sale, after filling in all the details required the participant to purchase.
To ensure booking quickly, efficiently and without glitches keep submitting all the details accurately.
C. After placing order to shop in private as test