Import marketing and distribution 100% natural hair for hairdressers and individuals

The change begins in your head

The change begins from the top ... We are influenced a lot by our appearance, and hair is one of the most important elements in the mirror. So when we want to renew or upgrade our looks, hair extensions are the best and quickest way to achieve the perfect result! Here at IsraHair Hair Extensions we can match the perfect extension for your perfect look. 100% natural hair and high quality, because your hair is who you are and you don't compromise on quality!


We're sure you'll be satisfied

The fastest

First you have to decide whether you want an extension or hair filling, what color and what extension you want to put on your head ...

and the most natural

After you have decided, there is nothing like feeling the extra hair and checking if the color is a perfect match for your hair ...

way for the perfect look

Now just pick hairdresser that will attach the hair extensions to your head, get the perfect look, and smile to the mirror 🙂