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All the text is a recommendation only and should not be taken as a responsibility for any action done in connection with the addition of hair extensions. It is advisable and advisable to consult with an expert book before performing any action.

A little before everything

Hair extensions are designed to improve our sense of security, the external appearance and give us a general sense of beauty and confidence, hair hair is power and strength is confidence.

Hair extensions are usually used when the hair is thin and thus we can use the hair extensions to fill and thicken the hair and when the hair is short we can extend it by several hours in the chosen book of each and every one of you.

First of all, it is important to know that no matter what form of hair extension you choose, so that the extra hair will act on your head the most natural and close to your hair, the extra hair should be natural hair quality.

Types of hair extensions

Virgin hair is 100% natural hair that has not undergone any processing.
The hair is derived from the woman's head, packed and sent to its destination without undergoing any treatment. It has never been dyed or exposed to chemicals. It is just natural and true !!!

Processed hair is hair that is chemically processed in the factory by order and is given the same length, texture and color.

Natural dyed hair is 100% natural hair but dyed.
It is possible to paint the natural hair and match the color according to the customer's wishes.

Remy hair is the highest quality hair and is natural hair that has not undergone significant chemical processing and that all hair extensions selected hair are arranged so that the roots on one side and all the ends of hair on the other side.
Remy hair lasts longer than the rest of the hair and tends to stay with lightning and no knots for a longer time.

Brazilian hair is hair coming from South America and mainly from Brazil.
The hair is wavy to curly and often comes in dark shades.

European hair is hair that comes mainly from the Baltic countries in northeastern Europe.
European hair is considered to be very good, hair is usually smooth, has not undergone chemical treatments such as clarifications, it is bright and can be customized according to customer needs.

Before starting

There are several types of hair extensions and therefore before adding hair extensions you must decide which ones you want to use, what need and what range.
You also need to check the amount of hair you want and what color is appropriate for your hair color.

Definitely yes!!!
When hair extensions are natural hair you can do anything; Color, umber, smoothness, curl, etc. ... just as you would with your hair. Note that when natural hair dyes are dyed, it is recommended not to paint on it again but only to rinse in order to maintain its quality.

You can make shades with natural hair extensions, but this is usually unnecessary because you can vary hair extensions in all colors and shades without using chemicals.

You can continue your daily habits and there is nothing to prevent you from continuing to live normally ... sea, pool, spa, it is natural hair and healthy that has become part of you and appreciate. We recommend that you wash your hair thoroughly after bathing at sea or in the pool to reduce the chances of damage to the chemicals in the water and prolong the life of the connections.

It is recommended that you do not touch the joints of the hair extensions unnecessarily.
Do not attempt to remove the hair extensions and download them independently.
As the connection of hair extensions is done by your chosen book so too the removal should be done.

If the hair extensions you attached to your hair are natural and unprocessed hair, there is no need to change the overlap habits or use special materials since the necessary treatment is exactly the same treatment and with the same materials that you used to your hair until the plug-in hair extensions. It is recommended to wash your hair gently and gently so as not to damage the joints. It is also recommended to use a mask and serum that contains essential nutrients to your hair.


Keratin Hair Supplement is a hair supplement with a substance called keratin, which is made from natural materials. Keratin is used mainly as a glue to connect hair extensions. The keratin supplements are added to the head hair with a salt that gently dissolves the keratin and creates a thin, delicate and imperceptible connection to the head hair, close to the scalp of your head. The combination is gentle but at the same time tight and tight on the hair.

The use of the Keratin method for extension, thickening and hair filling provides a perfect and long-term solution for hair extensions and all hair and extension requirements. It can not be felt at all in the mirror or in the contact, it does not limit any activity and can be done with everything from bathing to bathing in the sea and it is resistant to any weather.
Hair supplementation with keratin does not prevent the natural growth of hair.

Keratin hair extensions can be removed quickly and easily, without pain and withdrawal with a special material designed to remove the glue from hair extensions. And again, just as the connection of hair extensions is done by your chosen book so too the removal should be done.

The addition of the hair extension and its durability changes from head to head and tells the book, and usually lasts about six months.

Keratin is a group of non-soluble fibrous and indigestible proteins that form the corneal tissues of the body such as nails, hair, and the outer layer of the skin.
Keratin is used mainly as a glue used to connect hair extensions, because it is a natural product.

More methods to connect hair extensions

The Taras method is actually another method of connecting hair extensions. In this method, the hair is sewn using a unique technique for a thin lace band that is customarily cut according to the need and according to the chosen method of connection in which the book will be used on the head of the customer.
This method will also provide volume, length and resolution to the problem of thinning hair.

Quickis is a quick method of connecting extra hair with a flat, ultra-thin, flexible microfiber sticker.
The method is simple and easy; Peel off the label and attach it to the ends of the hair on the scalp.
The connections are small and invisible, unnoticed, and the hair looks completely natural.
This method usually takes between half an hour and an hour.


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