Wigs are everywhere! In our time, wearing a wig is part of fashion – more and more women discover the new fashion accessory. Today both women and men have begun to wear wigs for various reasons such as hair loss, alopecia areata (spot baldness) and other medical problems. Even celebrities use wigs during performances and shows to look special at any given moment during their performance.
What a time to be alive! Today the selection of wigs is so big, that there is every type of wig possible. Think about how it was up until a few years ago, before wigs were fashionable. Women who wore a wig who wore a wig had to settle for the very limited selection back then; Wigs that all looked the same; straight, short and single color.
Today, the wig is fashion; A variety of colors, variety of designs and styles for a perfect match for every head. Each and a wig, he looks that compliment.
Today, the wig is a custom-fit fashion product; color, style,  And in general, wigs have undergone huge changes in the last few years; This is no longer a domain that solely belongs to men (toupees) or those with medical conditions .
Even the hair used to create the wigs changed; Wigs used to be made out of synthetic or low quality human hair – today however, quality wigs are made out of 100% natural human hair and it’s possible to know that just by the feel and texture of the wig. Today the quality standards are so high, that it is impossible to tell who wears a wig anymore.
* The above written is a recommendation and a recommendation only. Do not treat this information as professional or otherwise applicable advice regarding hair extensions and how to attach them. Only consult with a certified hairdresser before taking any action.