We all have dreams; One of them is to have healthy, full hair but not all were lucky to be born with it. 
As a result, in recent years, more and more women utilize hair extensions to realize that dream.
So what’s the best way to maintain your new hair?


Who among us doesn’t dream of full, healthy hair, that looks perfect in any circumstance?
Developments in the hair supplements sector paved the road even for those who didn’t get to realize their dream of a full, healthy hair that grows naturally. Now, anyone can realize her dream of getting that look – quite easily, too!
So how do you choose quality hair extensions and how do you maintain them in the best possible way?
Your answers lie here


The main and most important step in the process is to make sure that you don’t cut corners about the hair extensions. Use hair extensions from natural hair only, those derived from other women‘s hair, to ensure perfect results.
The look and feel of the hair extensions are the two primary things to look out for when choosing your hair extensions.
Also note that even in the natural hair” category there’s different subsets of qualities that vary between healthy, natural hair and natural hair that has been chemically processed.


Maintaining the hair extensions will also require you to use the right beauty products.
It is recommended you use products that contain no fat, so that it won’t soak and leave residue on your scalp.
Remember to consult and adhere to a professional hairdresser whose experienced in attaching hair extensions, as well as how to maintain them. Only use products the professional recommends and your hair’s life will extend.


Because the hair extensions are not attached to your scalp like your own hair, they do not enjoy the natural nutrition the body provides to our own hair. It is very important to provide them with their own daily “health packet”.
We recommend you use mask and serum that contain vital nutrients that enhance the appearance and health of your hair extensions.


In order to not damage the attachments, only brush your hair when it is dry using specialized hair brush for hair extensions only.
You must dry the hair completely, mainly where the extensions are connected to the hair, and only then to untie knots by gently brushing.
Shampooing must also be done in a gentle, soft manner. You wash your hair using circular motions with the tip of the fingers, as to avoid pulling and possibly ripping the extensions from the hair.
After bathing in the sea or in the pool, rinse your hair thoroughly to reduce the chances of damage from the chemicals in the water and to prolong the extensions’ life.


Regularly tracking your hair growth and renewing the extensions are two crucial elements for a healthy and well groomed hair.
Check the distance of the connection from the root and when the distance becomes critical, you must schedule an appointment to renew your extensions.


Good luck