Lately, we see more and more women who choose to use hair extensions and enjoy their benefits.
Hair extensions are prominent mainly among women who want to catch up with the latest styles.
There are women of every age and place who use hair extensions to get that new, trendy look – just like the Hollywood starlets we all know!
Because it’s a significant change, we summarized some of the pros and cons about hair extensions
Pros for Hair Extensions:
Immediate change:
Hair extensions let hairdressers give you any look and style you want, almost immediately. In a time where we are accustomed to immediate availability, thehere and now”, you don’t have to wait to get the look that you always wanted. With hair extensions you’ll get a full, long hair you desire.
Dyeing your hair without using chemicals:
The extensions come in a wide variety of colors, textures and lengths. Women with dark hair can add lighter colors to get different styles. Because we’re dealing with a hair extension, you can dye it freely and get an impressive look – without damaging your real hair!
Changing the texture and shape of the hair:
Hair extensions come in different shapes and textures, so you can change the style of your hair. You can add hair extensions that are wavy hair at the ends, giving the hair ends a more wavy look.
Filling thinning hair:
Full hair gives you a more healthy and vital look. Using hair extensions to fill your hair will give it a healthy, vibrant and natural look.
Improving self-confidence:
Many women suffer from lack of self-confidence about their hair, hair extensions give them a fresh, new look that would have been otherwise impossible to get. Not to mention it is done in short time, helping increase self-confidence.
No maintenance required:
Hair extensions are simple and easy to use, just like natural hair. The extensions are washed and shampooed like normal hair, you can brush them and style them however you want, and of course the usual; dyeing, styling with hair dryer, etc’.
Restoring and maintaining the hair over a long period of time:
Quality extensions can be easily restore, so you can attach the extensions and enjoy them for a long period of time. After that, you may remove the extensions or restore them. In case you want to stay with long hair, the extensions are restored and reattached to the root of the hair. If you want to go back to your natural style, simply remove the extensions and in case you want to have long hair again, simply reattach them.
Hair extensions have no real cons – but there are certainly a few things to take notice:
No small money:
Quality hair extensions from real human hair are not exactly cheap, add to that the price a professional hairdresser might charge for attaching them and you’re looking at quite an expense. If you’re after hair that will give you the perfect, natural look, you will need extensions made out of natural hair that will fit in with your own hair in the best possible way. This type of extensions are made out of human hair collected specifically to become hair extensions, which is why their price is relatively high. It’s important to note though that high quality hair lasts longer and pays off itself over time.
Long working time:
Attaching hair extensions can take between 1 to 3 hours (depending on the skill and the amount of hair). Once you have decided to add extensions for the purpose of lengthening your hair, the extensions need to be connected to follicles of hair and the process takes time. Time varies depending on the amount of hair that you want to add.
Caution! Addictive! :
Once you go with hair extensions, the results are so significant and leave such an impact that you simply won’t take the extensions off. The hair looks so good with the extensions that you just don’t want to be without them. Once you discover the look of long, full hair it’s very difficult to go back to short and thin hair.
To summarize: Hair extensions provide excellent solutions to different problems in your hair. The extensions have lots of advantages maybe some disadvantages. It is important to remember that in most cases the
positives outweigh the negatives.