Hair Lengthening – Hair Extensions
Hair extensions became the most popular way to lengthen hair. Hair extensions are especially sought after by women who want to refresh and renew the look of their hair, or women who want to have special hair styles for an event or a holiday, and we’re not short on either of those…
Using extensions for lengthening hair is especially good for women who desire to change and style their hair quickly.
Hair lengthening by attaching hair extensions has many advantages:
We have a quick and easy way to change length instantly and naturally (depending on the extension).
We have a quick and easy way to add volume to your hair and get a full, healthy look for your hair.
-The various attachment methods are scalp-friendly and synergize beautifully with your hair.
-The various attachment methods do not harm your natural hair and are easily removed.
Normally there isn’t a limit of do and don’t do when it comes to hair extensions (depending on the extension).
Of course, most importantly; The hair looks rich, healthy, luscious and we are given a perfect look.
The hair supplements industry continues to grow in the country like mushrooms after the rain, the supply and demand are huge – there isn’t a thing you can’t find in hair extensions; Different colors, different lengths, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, natural, synthetic, from Brazil, Russia, Eastern Europe, India and more!
So, which extension to use?
Your hair is natural, so why attach to it something that isn’t made out of 100% natural human hair?
So there’s no question of “which extension?”, of course only natural! Natural extension, natural feel, natural touch… It’s the most sensible thing, isn’t it?
So how to choose a hair extension? How to pick which is the best for us? Where do you even start?
One word: HAIRDRESSER. Before you do anything else, choose your hairdresser carefully, someone who knows you and your hair, someone you trust, someone you’re willing to put your head in his hands.
Did you find one? A rare commodity! Don’t be shy to share it with your friends – they will thank you for it.
Now, together with your hairdresser, start checking: What kind of hair extensions attachment would fit your hair? How much weight of extensions do you need to add? What shade would fit your hair best? For how long do you want the extensions to last?
A few hours at the hairdresser’s and you’ll come out with a brand new look! Enjoy!
* The above written is a recommendation and a recommendation only. Do not treat this information as professional or otherwise applicable advice regarding hair extensions and how to attach them. Only consult with a certified hairdresser before taking any action.